Article Publications

Article Publications


External Debt Evolution when Global Financial Markets are Incomplete (add link above), 2015, Chapter 10 in  Thomakos, D.D., Monokrousos, P. and Nikolopoulos, K. (Editors) (2015), A Financial Crisis Manual: Reflections and the Road Ahead, Palgrave Studies in Banking and Financial Institutions – Edited Volume (Book), joined with A. Anagnostopoulos (SUNY, Stonybrook).
Christopoulos, D.K., Mimis, A., Siourounis, G. (2014). "Historical Ethnic Homelands and Income Convergence in Africa." Review of Economics and Institutions, 5(2), Article 5. doi:   10.5202/rei.v5i2.161. Can be retrieved from:


Democratization and Growth, 2008, Economic Journal, Vol. 118, Νο532, pp. 1520-1552, joined with E. Papaioannou (London Business School)and CEPR DP


Economic and Social Factors behind the Third Wave of Democratization, 2008, Journal of Comparative Economics, 36(3), pp. 365-387, joined with E. Papaioannou (London Business School ) and CEPR DP


Optimal Currency Shares in International Reserves: The Impact of the Euro and the Prospects for the Dollar, 2006, Journal of The Japanese and International Economies, 20, 508-547, joined with E. Papaioannou (London Business School) and R. Portes (London Business School) and CEPR DP 5734, NBER WP 12333.


Modeling International Capital Structure under Foreign Macroeconomic Volatility, Mathematical and Computer Modeling, 2007, 46, pp. 151-162 joined with C. Kottaridi (UOP)


Modeling Volatility and Testing for Efficiency in Emerging Capital Markets: The case of the Athens Stock Exchange. Applied Financial Economics, 2002, 12, 47-55.









Game Theory, A Festschrift in Honor of John Nash(Στα Ελληνικά, co-edited with Constantina Kottaridi), Eurasia Publications, Athens-October 2002.


Contributors: Y. Varoufakis, A. Cabrales, V.P. Crawford, A.K. Dixit, N. Feltovich, L. Fernandez, T. Fukiharu, P. Hammerstein, S. Hargreaves Heap, J.C.Harsanyi (Nobel Prize 1994), H.W. Kuhn, J.D. Morrow, A. Muthoo, R.B. Myerson, J.F. Nash Jr. (Nobel Prize 1994), C. Papadimitriou, A. Rapoport, T. Sandler, R. Selten (Nobel Prize 1994), S. Skeath, W. Thomson, E. vanDamme, J.W. Weibull, P. Weirich, D. Christodoulou.



Working papers



Democratic Reforms, Foreign Aid and Production Inefficiency, May 2010, joint with D. Christodoulou (Panteion University) and I. Vlachaki (AUEB) - submitted


Capital Flows and Exchange Rates: An Empirical Analysis, 2008, IFA Working Paper No. 400 (revise and resubmit, JIMF)


Output and Net Foreign Assets Persistence Under Incomplete International Markets, 2008 joint with Alexis Anagnostopoulos (SUNY-Stony Brook)


Economic Policy in Aging Economies with Immigration, 2008, RTN Research Paper


Historical Ethnic Homelands and Income Convergence in Africa, November 2013, joined with Dimitris Christopoulos and Angelos Mimis, under Review


CO2 Data Per African Ethnic Group   (1850-2000) - STATA replication files - CO2 data Appendix