This year at Brown University:
1) Intermediate Macroeconomics
2) Industrial Organisation
3) International Finance
International Economy
International Economics aim to provide knowledge on the cross-border relations between Nations both in terms of goods and services trade and of flows of capital depending on their comparative advantages. Despite the fact that international economics as a subject is as old as human history, it’s relevance and importance to current life has been even stronger than ever before. The aim of the class is to give a solid background as well as a set of tools and skills so one can analyze the economic motivation and reasoning behind the global movement of goods and services as well as capital. It also provides an analytical tool to evaluate National trade and capital flows policies.
It is particularly useful for students that want to enhance their understanding of international markets, domestic investment policies for the attraction of foreign capital, capital budgeting decision that reach far beyond the National borders, and knowledge in economic management of financial flows.
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Advanced Additional Bibliography
Maurice Obstfeld and Kenneth S. Rogoff (2006), Foundations of International Economics, 1st edition, MIT Press. 
Introduction to Public Economics
Aim of the course is to help the students comprehend  the main subjects of Public Economy and how they consolidate the repercussions that  can have the various policies in the economic activity and the social prosperity.  It is particularly useful for students that want to comprehend the basic operations of the state and it constitutes irreplaceable supply for  it explains the economic circle of a country.
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Additional bibliography
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 Students are recomended towatch the Greek Economic press as also to visit the web pages www.voxue.org and www.rgemonitor.com in order to be informed for questions, that have direct relation with the content of the course.